Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are the two big hitters at our magnificent football club. The rest of the squad is truly great, however the headline acts are firmly Ozil and Alexis. They have helped massively in creating the fabled #Wengerball magic once again and not only that, have added a clear ability that we have lacked for a little while. That ability is to be match winners. When the chips are down, or when the team isn’t playing as well as it could be, it’s these two that we look to for inspiration and to create something out of nothing. It’s what every great football team has. A talisman. A hero. In our case, we have two of them to look towards when we need something.

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It is therefore imperative that we sign them up to new long term contracts and keep them as the ambassadors of our great club. Great players attract great players, and that’s been true for many a year and in keeping them we are also ensuring that we are a beacon for the top talent around the world. Which striker doesn’t want Mesut Ozil pulling the strings behind him? Which player doesn’t want the immensely gifted Alexis Sanchez fighting for their team? As you will have read it’s hugely important to have it all happen in the right way for us, however I feel that there is a small delay on this front due to one quite important factor; Arsene Wenger.

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I’m pretty sure that when a player signs for a club, the manager that they are going to play for is high on their agenda as it pays to have the ear of the man that will ensure you get the best out of your career. This will have been high on the minds of both players and with Wenger’s tenure potentially coming up where the board and he will decide whether he stays on or not. I think that it’s an interesting situation. A lot of people think that if he wins something, he’ll sign off on a high. Some think that no matter what happens he’ll leave. My thoughts are that if he doesn’t win either the Premier League or Champions League this season he will quit. I do think however, if he does win the Premier League, he’ll stay on to ensure that we keep the likes of Ozil and Alexis as well as attracting other top talent, I mean who wouldn’t want to play under Wenger? If we go on to somehow win the ever elusive Champions League this season, that’ll be a real test as to whether Wenger will stay or go. It’s the last thing missing on his CV so he may well think it’s the right time, however by winning it he’ll forever be immortal at Arsenal. He’ll be able to leave completely on his terms for sure if this happens. The funny thing is that the Wenger out brigade will well and truly not know what to do if we win something this season, as many of them want him gone regardless, many of them say they’ll put their banners away if he wins something, but many of them will remain confused as they won’t quite know how to get famous on social media anymore. They key thing here is that if Wenger stays on I have no doubts that the players will also stay, and that’s the key.

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The best case scenario in this situation is that we go on to win either the Premier League or the Champions League, the players sign new contracts, we attract more top talent and Wenger signs up for another 2 years. The flip side of this however is that, we don’t win anything, Wenger leaves, the players don’t sign new contracts as they await the new manager and his ideas. A real variance of situations is on the horizon and it’s precisely why we haven’t seen them sign the contracts yet in my opinion. The players need three things in order to sign the contracts and they are as follows; Trophies, Assurances and Money. The trophies could come, the assurances will most likely come from an idealistic manager (current or new) but the money also needs to be addressed. In an ever increasing world of commercial importance the players, no matter which big club they play for, can demand more than ever. The likes of Ozil and Alexis will be looking around the £200k mark I would imagine and that will send shivers down the spines of Gazidis and Kroenke. The trophies, however, will help grow the brand and in turn bring in more revenue, so it’s a circle of life that once we’re roped into, will hopefully be the propellant onto bigger and better things.

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Another factor in all of this is what the other of the two of them will do. While they aren’t as pally pally as the Ozil and Flamini combination, they will still want to know what the other is doing when it comes to signing their contracts. In conjunction with this, parity will be needed on a monetary level to ensure that they are both held in equal regard and there’s no one-upmanship involved. The last thing we want is for two of our best players to feel unloved or not as important as the other, because the two of them are vital for the immediate future of Arsenal football club. Rumour has it that Ozil is pretty much there with the contract, however Alexis will need a little more convincing. A title charge will help that along with continuing to play Alexis through the middle, where he’s looked at his happiest and best as a footballer. The good thing is that they both do really look quite happy at Arsenal, so we shouldn’t be too far away from securing their services.

Trophies. Wenger. Money. These three things will keep these two quite brilliant men at our club.

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